Calibration Services

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Calibration Services Laboratory Calibration Services We offer the ultimate in convenience so you can concentrate on your many other responsibilities. Count on us for:

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Calibration Services

Laboratory Calibration Services

We offer the ultimate in convenience so you can concentrate on your many other responsibilities. Count on us for:

  • Fast turnaround on most calibration laboratory services
  • Staffing by 30+ metrologists over two full shifts
  • Rush calibration services, including overnight and four-day service
  • Instrument pickup and delivery regionally
  • Email notification when instruments are due for calibration
  • An online equipment management system
  • Worldwide shipping

Plus, we give you the confidence that the measurements we take are accurate. We constantly update and expand our electronic, mechanical and dimensional calibration capabilities by listening to your business requirements, committing financial resources to new instruments and dedicating many hours to extensive employee training.

Keeping up-to-date with instrumentation and techniques is crucial to our success – and your satisfaction. In addition, our high-quality calibration laboratory services include documentation to satisfy your industry and regulatory or audit requirements.

All the Calibration Capabilities You Need

Our onsite calibration capabilities include:

ElectronicBalances/scalesMechanicalIncubatorsDimensionalHardness testersRF electronicsRectifiersTemperature and chamber profilingSpectrophotometersPressure/vacuumFume hoodsForce/torqueAutoclavesSurface platesFiber opticsOptical comparatorsRoom temperature mappingCentrifugesPreventive maintenance


Onsite Calibration Services

For the ultimate in convenience, choose onsite calibration services from GIFTS Calibration Laboratory.

Our coordinators handle all aspects of onsite calibration services, from scheduling to document delivery. They will also assign the appropriate field service calibration technicians and answer all of your instrument-related questions.

High-quality onsite calibration services from GIFTS:

  • Eliminate instrument downtime and the need for spares.
  • Minimize interruptions to your manufacturing process.
  • Ensure you’ll have no questions about where your instruments are or when they will be returned.
  • Allow you to schedule all your calibration services at once or periodically throughout the year.
  • Eliminate shipping costs and delays.
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A dedicated engineering solutions & technical service provider in testing & calibration of process field equipment, analytical engineering, gas engineering, instrumentation products, packages and training services in calibration & protective coatings. With state-of-the-art resources and top-notch skilled team we have built our niche with our patrons in the energy, hydrocarbons,power, education, industrial, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, defence, aviation, aerospace, and manufacturing, research & development sectors. Since 2010, we have diversified in wide spectrum of services through these business units: Calibration,Gas,Analytical,Training and Certification Services.

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